When you travel you are far from home, you need to ensure you have all your important and handy belongings are all together. It can be a bit annoying knowing that if you forget to take something with you, it is probably 12,000 km away before you realise you need it. I have a number of things I always keep in my travel day pack to make sure I am not caught short.  I also have a travel list I tick off to ensure I don’t leave anything behind.  Some of the things that need to be in your day pack when you are travelling…

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones
    Noise cancelling headphones are a must.  The airplane headphones are either uncomfortable or just do not fit properly.  They make a real difference in reducing the noise around you whilst flying.  Handy to help if you need to shut out a noisy airport or a crowded bus. They can be bulky, but the collapsible ones are more compact and it helps protect them too. Make sure you get all the jack adapters as well. I find a double 3.5 mm headphone socket is really useful, allowing you to share a device with someone else.
  2. A Light Scarf
    I find having a light scarf in your day pack incredibly useful.  I regularly use mine to keep warm, to keep the sun off my neck, as a pillow when resting, and for wrapping anything that might be breakable in your pack. So many uses. Seriously, you should not travel without one.
  3. Universal Plug Adapter
    If you are travelling to several countries it saves having to have many types of plugs.  The Universal plug adapter is such a lifesaver. When traveling around Europe and if you decide to have a stopover in Asia on the way home, you do not have to worry about having all the right adapters. A must for the modern traveller.
  4. Double Plug
    So simple, so brilliant… double your charging ability. Now you can charge your laptop and your phone at the same time! Or become the hero of the airport transit lounge. Need power? Use some of mine!
  5. Sunblock
    I always carry sunblock. You never know when you might need it and if you wear short sleeves your arms won’t take much to get sun burnt without it. Alternatively, depending on where you are going, a sunblock with insect repellent maybe worth considering. Remember to always be sun smart people.
  6. A Good Pen
    This will always come in handy. The amount of people I have to lend my pen to so that they can fill out entry cards on flights is quite incredible. Not that I mind… but it’s probably the first thing I throw in my bag. Also good for writing down directions. And the odd bored doodle on a flight.
  7. Transparent Cable Bag
    A good quality plastic bag is handy to carry all your cables for your phone, laptop, tablet, small earbud headphones, extra batteries, USB drives, spare XD card for camera etc. I also use travel cubes to keep items together and label them.
  8. Drink Bottle
    A must and you can refill your bottle and avoid buying plastic bottles from the shop that end up in landfill.  You can also fill your bottle from the water fountain at the airport for free rather than paying a small fortune for a bottle at the airport.  You may need to boil water to refill your drink bottle in some countries.
  9. Sunglasses
    A definite must. It can ruin your whole day not having sunglasses. If you are sitting in the front seat on an open top bus or on the beach you will need glasses to stop the glare.
  10. Mobile phone and/or good quality point and shoot Camera
    I always love to take photos of my travels.  Mobile cameras now are so fantastic or otherwise a small point and shoot are pretty good these days.  I usually carry my large Canon when I need photos for business but I find a mobile is just as good for the Facebook post or to share with family and friends.
  11. First Aid Kit
    Scratches. Bumps. The perils of travelling. Not serious wounds but common ones and a bit of a pain. if you aren’t prepared. I have a custom first aid kit I have built up with a small selection of various bandages, antiseptic and painkillers.

This is a list of things that come in handy in my day pack. Of course, there are other items such as binoculars, jackets, beanies, gloves, books, various devices, tickets, maps etc that I take with me as well depending on where I am going. The one that is probably missing is a hat or cap, which I usually always carry as well. But this is my essential list which I have whittled down over many trips and many moments of “I wish I had that… Hopefully it is of some help. Enjoy your travels!

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