To get the most enjoyment and best value from any of our Horse Riding Holidays, it is important that you choose one that is suitable for your level of horse riding experience.

Our Horse Riding Holidays offer a full range of riding experiences from holidays suitable for people who are complete beginners, to challenging and lengthy rides for Advanced Riders only.

Safety is paramount on all riding holidays offered by Snaffle Travel.  If you are not up to the level of the riding required and there is a risk to your safety, your horse, or your fellow riders, you may be asked to dismount.

Here is a broad description of the riding experience expected by level.


A beginner is someone who has never ridden before or has only ridden a few times.


You have limited experience of riding, most probably some trekking at a walk or a trot.

Good Novice

More experienced than a Novice and is a confident rider who does not ride very often but can canter on a safe horse.


Someone who rides regularly or you rode for a long time but may have not ridden regularly recently. You are very confident to ride different horses and can canter and be in control at a gallop in open countryside. You have an independent seat and hands.


As an advanced rider you ride every day, you are comfortable riding different horses confidently and like to ride forward-going horses. You most probably compete or work to a high level in dressage, endurance, showjumping, cross country or showing.

If you have any queries on your riding level or the length of the ride, please Contact Us and ask us for guidance.

We’ve also been on all our rides, so we know and understand the level of riding required.  We can advise which ride is suitable for you. We guarantee we’ll help you make the right choice if you give us a true description of your riding experience to date!