To complete your booking details and to make filling in this form a smooth process please have the following details handy BEFORE completing this form.

You may use this form to register up to two passengers at once providing they share the same travel insurance policy & emergency contact details.
If this is not the case, please fill in a separate form for each traveller.

Please call us on +61 3 5428 6061 if you have any questions.

Please ensure that all information supplied is accurate as we use this information to issue your final documentation, including air tickets. 

Required information

  • Passport(s)
  • Contact information, including email
  • Emergency contact information

Additional information

  • Frequent Flyer information
  • Travel insurance policy number, if you already have it, along with the name of the insurance company and their emergency telephone number.

Please enter your name EXACTLY as shown on your Passport.  Snaffle Travel require valid passport copies for all travellers in order to quote or book any international flights.

A valid passport is one which has an expiry date a full six months after your return date to Australia. This is a mandatory requirement by Snaffle Travel for any international bookings that we make. In the case that a passport requires renewal, a copy of the expired passport will be accepted providing no name changes have occurred and that the new passport will be issued in exactly the same name.

If there is no expired passport and a new passport has not yet been obtained, please ensure that the name provided on this form is exactly as it will appear on the passport, including any middle names.

By completing this form, you acknowledge responsibility for any name change fees or charges that may apply for any of the passengers listed on the form should the details provided be incorrect.

We will email you a confirmation once registration is complete.

Passenger Registration - Riding Holidays

  • Day/Month/year
  • Day/month/year


    Please send a copy of your passport to Snaffle Travel.
    Please enter EXACTLY as shown on your Passport.
    Snaffle Travel will not take any responsibility for incorrect names and fees will be charged if tickets need to be reissued.
  • Please make sure you have at least 6 months validity from return date of travel
    DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Please make sure you have at least 6 months validity from return date of travel
    DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Please add airline code in front of the number
  • Please add airline code in front of the number

    Our riding outfitters require accurate information on your HEIGHT, WEIGHT, and RIDING EXPERIENCE so they can accurately match you to the right mount to suit your riding ability.

    This includes:
    How many years you have ridden?
    Do you own your own horse?
    Have you competed? If so, at what level do and what type of competition?
    Do you ride outside of an arena?
    Are you a nervous rider or very confident? How often do you ride?
    When did you last ride?

    Some riding outfitters only allow intermediate and above riders on their trails as they may ride on open roads and places where you must be in full control of the horse.

    Are you a beginner, novice, intermediate or advanced rider? Please see our Riding Experience page to ensure you give us an accurate level of experience.
  • Please disclose accurate weight information, as this is shared with the riding operator. Please note that incorrect information may affect your safety, and there is no refund for misrepresented details.
  • Please provide your height in either centimetres or feet. This information is important for our riding operator to match you with a horse that suits your height and weight.

    Horse Riding Holidays are designed to be enjoyable but by their nature can be physically demanding and obviously have some inherent risks, dangers and hazards associated with them.

    Snaffle Travel has taken all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of participants, however there are certain risks which are integral to the activity of horse riding. For example, any horse may, without warning or any apparent cause, change direction or speed, stop suddenly, kick, bite or step on someone. The effects of the weather, for example rain or wind; or other local conditions for example soft or stony ground, dogs barking or flapping bags can scare a horse, cause it to fall or react in some other unsafe way.

    By signing this form you confirm that you understand and consent to the physical demands and risks of the activity of horse riding.

    I confirm that I am fit and able to undertake the activity and can make informed, objective decisions and I am completely and adequately covered by my personal travel insurance.

    I agree to follow all safety briefings, guidelines and instructions of guides. I agree to behave responsibly and to show respect to my fellow participants at all times.

    In the event that I do suffer injury or any other loss and damage as a result of my participation in the activity of Horse Riding, I agree that I (or my estate) shall hold Snaffle Travel harmless in respect of such injury, loss or damage and indemnify Snaffle Travel in respect of any costs or losses it suffers as a result.

    I understand and agree that this clause forms part of the contract between I and Snaffle Travel and that it overrides and supersedes any clause to the contrary contained within the booking conditions. Furthermore this agreement and any rights, duties and obligations as between the parties to this agreement shall be governed by Australian Law and no other jurisdiction. I confirm that I have read and understood the content of this document and agree to all terms and conditions.

    Travel insurance is compulsory on all Snaffle Travel Tours. We are sorry we can only offer travel insurance to our Australian clients.

    Note: This is someone you are not travelling with.
  • *Please include area code
    When travelling overseas it is important that you contact your local GP or Travel clinic to check if there are any vaccinations required, that extends to your destination/s. You may require a letter from your doctor for prescription medication and this must be carried in your hand luggage.

    Please advise any allergies that we should know about

    Please advise any food allergies or dietary requirements

    If you are travelling solo and you wish to share we can match you up with a fellow single traveller who also wants to share.
    If we are unable to find a suitable person to share, the single price will apply. (We require a sharing room form to be signed if we do find someone to share with you)

    We will be sending your documents electronically to reduce our environmental footprint. If you would prefer to receive all your documentation in hard copy please select this option below
    If you prefer to have a hard copy of your travel documents a $25.00 fee will be charged to cover the printing and postage costs.

    Any additional notes or comments about your travel arrangements? Eg. additional accommodation, tours, seating, change return dates or extra notes etc

    Once we have received your booking registration we will send you a confirmation invoice with the payment details, including payment methods.
    We will require a deposit within 7 days of sending you an invoice.
    Final payments terms vary depending on the tour conditions and this will be stated on your invoice. Please ask your travel advisor for further details.

  • By clicking below you confirm that you have read and fully understood the Snaffle Travel Terms & Conditions.
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