The Australian government has agreements with 11 countries that cover the cost of appropriate medical care when Australians visit 11 countries and tourists from these countries visit Australia.  Australian passport holders must check the Comprehensive Health Care Agreement (RHCA) with Australia so that each country can check whether it meets the terms of the agreement.

RHCA Countries

Read the terms of the agreement of the RHCA country you are visiting from the list below:

In these countries, Australian travelers can access essential health services in the event of an emergency and illness and injury that cannot wait until you get home. Travellers from those countries also received assistance with their medical services when visiting Australia. For more information, visit

You may have to pay fees for certain treatments and medication. And it is important to remember that the agreement does not replace travel insurance.

For example, in New Zealand reciprocal health care doesn’t cover you for free or subsidised care by a general practitioner or ambulance. Also, if you get seriously ill while overseas, medical repatriation is very expensive and only covered by travel insurance.

Remember to take your Medicare card with you. You’ll need it, along with your passport, to prove that you’re eligible.

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