Are you a Heartland Netflix fan?

Do you love the show with all the drama, highs and lows and all the horsey bits and pieces?  Heartland showcases everything you love about Canada with the magnificient Rocky Mountains in the background, crystal clear rivers and stunning scenery.

Many iconic films, Netflix films and TV series are filmed in and around Calgary. You might even see some Heartland actors on several series of Netflix too.

Heartland is about a family ranch with horses and cattle and all the drama.  One of CBC’s longest-running TV shows. Heartland is filmed over several venues nearby to Calgary as well as in the studio set in Calgary.  All the indoor scenes at the Heartland ranch, Scott’s vet clinic, interiors of the farmhouse, barn and loft are filmed here.  All the Heartland outdoor settings are filmed less than an hour’s drive from Calgary.

If you’re a fan of this family drama and your visiting Calgary, you might like to check out the film sets and enjoy a different type of tourist sightseeing. 

Check out the self-guided tour that can be easily done as a day trip from Calgary if you have a car. 

Where is Hudson?

Hudson is not a real name, and the towns real name is High River.  This quaint little town is located just 45 minutes drive south of Calgary on the AB-2 Highway.
Every year High River turns into a movie set from May until early December with the filming of Heartland.

Where to start your tour

It is recommended to hire a car as I am not aware of any official Heartland tours from Calgary. The drive is approx. a 45-minute drive from Calgary to High River.  If you start at the Museum of the Highwood with the Heartland exhibit. The town’s Visitor Information Centre is located inside.  The staff are very helpful and know the filming schedule and tips on what else to see and do around town. The Museum displays several costumes worn by the actors, Maggies Diner menu and props such as the detailed doll’s house given to Roy’s daughter, Katie, in Season 7.

Tip: The Heartland crew parks the trailers behind the museum, so this will give you some hints as to whether filming is on that day. If they are filming, you want to hang around and hopefully, you might get to spot some of your favourite actors coming and going from the set.

Where can you purchase souvenirs?

The towns Visitor Information Centre sells a few Heartland souvenirs.  Walkers Western Wear sells official Heartland hoodies and T-shirts, Amber Marshalls (aka Amy) Life & Style Magazine, plus calendars are also sold here. Olive & Finch on 3rd Avenue also sells t-shirts, and Heartland branded items.

3rd Avenue

The fictional town of Hudson is located on 3rd Avenue where the action really happens, and this is where Maggies Diner is located.  Sadly, Maggies is not open to call in and buy a slice of pie or have a coffee, though it looks like a fully functional café.  You can’t visit but you can look through the windows.  High River does have a real-life Maggie’s Diner on 4th Avenue. The Travel Agency Van Born is just down the street and the Hudson Times is across the street.

4th Avenue

One block over, is 4th Avenue that was the stage for the cattle drive back in Season 4 when Tim drives Jack’s stolen cattle up to the RCMP detachment?
The best coffee shop in town is Collosi’s Coffee. Next door to Collosi’s sits Evelyn’s, Memory Lane. This is the real-life Maggie’s Diner and serves very good food too.

5th Avenue

This is where the High River Motor Hotel is located. This small-town motel is in a few episodes.

George Lane Park

Don’t forget to visit the red gazebo at George Lane Park.  This is the scene where Amy had her High School graduation ceremony?  This is also when Ty rode his motorcycle up on the stage during the ceremony.

The Ranch

Most of Heartland’s filming takes place at a working ranch west of Millarville, Alberta which is on private property. There is also a dude ranch used for filming, which is not far from the real Heartland Ranch.  All the indoor scenes are filmed in the studio in Calgary and none of this is open for public viewing.

Millarville Racetrack

Every Saturday from mid-June until early October the Millarville farmers market takes place with over 100 vendors stalls and you can walk around the track reliving your favourite racing episodes.  You can check out the green and white horse stables used in Heartland.  The rodeo and horse racing scenes were also filmed here.  In season 3 where Lou and Peter’s wedding took place was at the pretty wooden chapel at Millarville Anglican Church on highway 549.  This is just minutes away from the Millarville Farmer’s Market and Racetrack.

Heartland is one of th most-popular horse TV shows in the equestrian world. This hit series includes the ups and downs of family life on the ranch with love and loss and the horses.  What I love about the show is it includes many styles of riding from western, show jumping, polo, jousting, trick riding, trail, liberty work and English style which are all included.  If you haven’t started watching this, you will have a lot of catching up to do as there is already 14 episodes out and episode 15 is due to be released very soon.