Snaffle Travel has a very busy month with the Badminton Horse Trials & Royal Windsor Show group tour departing on the 2nd of May.  This is our third group tour to Badminton in the UK.  Badminton is always exciting and the group always has such an amazing time.  Some enjoy a cross-country course walk with Lucinda Green and others love exploring the trade stands which sell everything from horse gear to outdoor furniture and spa baths.  The atmosphere is always electric and cross-country day is such a highlight.  On the Sunday it is nail biting stuff as it only takes one rail to fall and it could mean missing out on a place.  This certainly happened at Kentucky on the weekend with Oliver Townend’s win.  Who knows maybe Oliver Townend the British rider may win the Grand slam as he has already won Burghley in September and now Kentucky in the USA a few days ago. The Badminton tour is always so popular so we have decided to organise another tour in 2019.

After Badminton I am visiting a new tour operator in France and experiencing a week-long riding holiday in the Bordeaux winery region with stops at various Châteaux’s to taste the many wines with amazing local food and plenty of sightseeing.  One of the highlights will be taking the horses on the ferry across the Blaye River. Check out the ride HERE.

Since I am already in Europe, I am making the most of visiting a few more riding outfitters and I am very excited to be visiting Romania. I always envisaged Romania as orphanages and communism but it’s very much changed and hoping to join the EU.  The country is a hidden gem and prices are very reasonable.  I am visiting Count Kalnoky’s horse riding adventures in Transylvania, where they offer week long rides in the countryside.  I am staying in lovely cottages with local antiques as well as enjoying a stay at HRH Prince Charles Cottage’s.  The rides pass through flower meadows, with sightings of local wildlife and watching the local farmers at work with some still using the horse and cart.  Romania also has some amazing historical sights; UNESCO towns and Bran Castle is not far away. Ask us for more details on this ride.

After this great adventure I am heading up to Iceland to visit the riding operators here as its becoming a very popular destination.  I will be visiting some local farmers to check out the rides and visiting some of the sights in the Golden Circle.  I am looking forward to riding one of the Icelandic ponies and among its most celebrated features is its five natural, and unique gaits: the walk, the trot, the canter, the tölt, and the flying pace.

It is going to be a busy time but Snaffle Travel like to check out the riding places first before promoting them to our clients.  We want to ensure the riding centre, accommodation and horses is of a very high standard and we always like to meet the operators.

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