What to pack on your Horse Riding Holiday will vary according to your destination, and we will send you a full and detailed list once your holiday booking is confirmed.

As a general guideline though, here’s the Packing List we recommend for every Horse Riding holiday:

  • An AUS/NZ approved riding helmet suitable for the climate you are heading to (i.e. lightweight for hot climates)
  • A shade hat with strap, or woolly hat for cold climates
  • Short riding boots or Long boots for dressage riding holidays
  • Short boots, Ariat boots with a heel or Cowboy boots for trail riding.
  • Leather, suede or synthetic short chaps (Synthetic are normally washable)
  • Sunglasses on string, riding gloves and bandana
  • Two pairs of cotton riding pants or jodhpurs
  • Two long-sleeved shirts and short sleeve cotton collared tops
  • One jersey, fleece, or multi-pocketed waistcoat
  • One lightweight waterproof windbreaker jacket
  • In winter months or cold climates: some very warm fleeces, thermals and jumpers, a warm jacket, and appropriate rain gear (we will advise)
  • Plenty of socks and we suggest unpadded cycling shorts for men as underwear
  • Shorts, T-shirts, sarong, bathing costume and sandals
  • Sun block, lip salve, insect repellent, talcum powder and medications
  • Torch and binoculars
  • A small camera and/or Go Pro
  • Bumbag to store camera although some riding outfitters supply a saddlebag for this.

Please also note:

This list just mentions the riding holiday packing information and we will provide you with a more comprehensive list when you book.

  • We also advise that you also pack some riding clothes in your hand luggage, for the event of your main bag being misplaced by your airline.  This does sometimes happen unfortunately.
  • If your Riding Holiday includes a transfer by air to a more remote location, luggage must be confined to a weight limit of 12 kg per person, packed in soft bags, so as to fit on the light aircraft used. Any excess baggage can be stored at the main office.  I find it really handy and use this for all my trips and you can tick off as you pack.

Snaffle Travel will provide you with a fully detailed packing list once you have booked your riding holiday.  We also provide a comprehensive packing list with all our travel documents to all our group tour guests and other travellers.

Just send us an email to info@snaffletravel.com.au if you prefer to receive a packing list early.