I wanted to share my experience of attending the 5-star Burghley Horse Trials in September 2022.

I  was so thrilled to be finally travelling✈ internationally once again after two years of Covid lockdowns.  With a group tour planned to Burghley Horse Trials and minimum numbers already booked for September 2020.  It was a huge blow to cancel all the well-laid plans for the tour due to covid.  So, it was very exciting to visit in September 2022 and I travelled with my husband rather than with a group.  It was still early days as many travellers still lacked confidence and flights were difficult to find.

I took the opportunity to write an article on my Burghley experience for Equestrian Hub an online Australian equestrian magazine.

The 5-star Burghley Horse Trials was just as the photos depicted it,  with the magnificent Burghley House in the background.  The gruelling cross-country course lived up to its name and was just as challenging as ever with 52 starts and 31 combinations completing the cross-country course.  It was new course designer Derek di Grazier’s first time after taking over the helm from Captain Mark Phillips after 30 years. Di Grazia comes with plenty of experience with 11 years as a course designer at the 5-star Kentucky 3-day event and the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

It was so thrilling to be at a 5-star event once again after a two-year hiatus and be able to witness first-hand the action at Burghley Horse Trials.  I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and wrote an article for Equestrian Hub one of Australia’s leading equestrian magazines.

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The Equestrian Hub magazine is produced monthly and it is free to subscribe.  To read the Burghley Horse Trials article check out issue 10.

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Snaffle Travel is excited to be returning with a group tour in 2023 to Burghley Horse Trials from 29 August to 7 September 2023.  Please feel to email us for more details  EMAIL  or check out our website link HERE.